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Knowledge exchange

LENA aims to share content and technology practice within the transformation the journalism industry is currently experiencing, in an environment characterised by rapid growth in Internet-based readers. The LENA partners share new practices and digital techniques in technology, trade and publishing.

Daily cooperation

The members of LENA cooperate with each other in an unprecedented way – exchanging content and knowledge on a daily basis. Each newspaper submits selected articles to a shared platform, where members select those which are of greatest interest to their readers.

Joint research projects

LENA journalists work together regularly on joint research projects – focussing on topics of european interest like the refugees crisis, the euro crisis or EU relations with Russia. LENA also cooperates on other issues of common European interest like cultural and sports events.

High level interviews

LENA journalists regularly conduct joint interviews with leading politicians as well as famous artists, sports stars and economic leaders. LENA offers the opportunity to communicate to a paneuropean audience – thus promoting european public debate and creating a forum for cross-boarder discussion.

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